Recently I was invited to go to a Candy Making Workshop with the Dove Chocolate Discoveries Team The Bon-Bon Bombs. Fellow Hungry Housewife Amy Holt (and the FIRST Manager in WA state!) was a sweetie and let me take some pics of these adorable treats! I broke it up into three posts so stay tuned…these are GREAT for last-minute ideas and easy enough for the kids to do!

DSC_1382Candy Cane Sleighs

Spread melted chocolate onto the top of the cookie then sprinkle candies on top. Placing a little bit of chocolate on one side of the long end of two candy canes, attach to the bottom of cookie to make sled legs. Let dry completely on a wax piece of paper before moving.


Take a single Maraschino Cherry and roll it into the melted chocolate then immediately roll into a bed of shredded coconut. SO easy and VERY YUMMY!!!!

Thank you to the Dove Chocolatiers for letting me hang with you! Was super fun- can’t wait until next year!The Bon-Bon Bombs

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