Fellow Housewife Amy is not only a friend of mine, but she’s the #1 Dove Chocolate Discoveries Consultant in WA State!! We made these SO.GOOD Chocolate Gingerbread Trifles at a recent Dove Party (see VIDEO below!)….oh, PERFECT for the holidays! Please like Amy’s page on Facebook www.facebook.com/luv4chocolate and you can order directly from her website at: www.luvforchocolate.com. If her name sounds familiar, we featured her Chicken Mole Croissants with White Chocolate Mango Mojitos (Ok…die happy!).

Chocolate Gingerbread Trifles

  • Bottom Layer: Dark Chocolate Mousse Bundle $36 item #3219d (Directions on package)
  • Middle Layer #1: Chocolate Chip Gingerbread mix – baked as cake $14 Item #3236d (baking directions on package)
  • Middle Layer # 2: Granny Smith Apples (cut into cubes) with the vanilla sugar sprinkled on top (vanilla sugar comes in the chocolate chip gingerbread mix box)
  • Top Layer: one pack of spiced chai tea $15 Item #3130D mixed into an 8 oz tub of cool whip
  • Optional (because I break the rules when I eat mine!): drizzle some melted Dove Chocolate on the top ahhhhh….

Layer and serve- it’s THAT EASY! Course…..it would be even FUNNER if you made them competition style! On Friday I went to one of her parties, and there was a Trifle Race where two gals competed to see who could make the BEST Trifle FIRST. Each “team” had their own cheerleader so it was crazy loud but sooo fun! WARNING: turn down your volume LOL (if you have trouble watching this video- go directly to our web channel LINK)

Here’s the finished race pieces side by side (I think mine from top photo was cuter….but I took my time LOL). It doesn’t matter- they all still taste good!

If you’re interested in having your own Dove Party (or joining Amy’s team)- be like this gal and “pull your popper”! You can contact Amy on her Facebook Page or Website.

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