This summer we had the best time doing “day camp” playdates with some kids in my 6yr old’s class. We called these Clothesline Camp (nod to when kids would play in their mother’s clothesline- see our first one about Legos here) and one of the days was Art With Nature with Lisa from Art & Science Adventures With Grace. The kids got to make Nature Mobiles, Mosaic Handprints, Pet Rocks and the coolest shirt craft idea I’ve ever seen!

Nature Print Shirts

  • Bright colored shirt with no logo (unless you’re upcycling). We found the blues and greens worked better than lighter colors like yellow.
  • Bleach in a spray bottle
  • Bucket of water
  • Nature items (or ANY items you want- you could use anything!) like feathers, toys, cut out letters, etc







Lay your shirt flat out on the ground in a sunny area, and arrange your items on top of it. Wearing gloves (and be careful of your clothes), lightly spray your shirt.

Watch carefully- as it begins to lighten, immediately dunk into the water.









Lay out to dry then voila! Instant shirt art (see the  lizard?)! Thank you so much Lisa for all of the time you spent with the kids. This was a day they’ll always remember :)


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