I had a busy week. Make that a busy month….or better yet- life?? I love being busy and I love to go/do things but with all of that, I need down time to keep my family still breathing. So when my kids went back to school (first time all day in 6 years!!) I booked a facial that I bought off Living Social. Now I am a little addicted to deal sites- have done some of my best adventures from these but I guess I was a little too quick to hit the “buy” button.

First off, after a brief …not even really a hello….I was shown where the bathroom was. As I am escorted in to the “salon room”, I notice the door is covered in red finger/handprints (don’t worry- I asked if there had been a massacre and she told me no).  I was then shown what to wear and we got started. That’s it! No skin care questions or if I had any concerns- just slap that stuff on!

She was very rough (I felt man-handled- like she was doing the Chubby Face on me) and I ate a lot of product (which come on- I have skinny lips…they’re easy to avoid! I even had to ask for a tissue to wipe my mouth out). She was good on pressure points around my eyes and did fine massaging my hands but it was not relaxing. I found myself clenching my fingers and then tightening up when she went near my face- not just pursing my lips to avoid product but in dread of rough treatment. And I must say that it’s hard to breath when you’re shutting your mouth and the employee is rubbing product in your nose! Near the end of my facial, she began a hair massage using a LOT of oil…and that made sounds like chalkboard and fingernails. She tugged very roughly big chunks of hair (and believe me, I’m not a fragile flower!). Oh…did I mention she loudly bumped into/knocked over stuff three different times? {{sigh}}

Finally we are finished and she leaves me to dress. At this point is when I notice the floor has been ruined with something that keeps sticking to my foot (rug could have fixed that) and the area that she was using to hold the products FOR MY FACE is covered in yucky dust.

At this point I catch a glimpse of myself in the mirror and I feel like I look JUST like Syndrome from The Incredibles which is horrid since I have to go straight somehwere (where everybody thought I my head was sweaty- bleh). OH, and by the way, I arrived on time for my appointment, used the bathroom, undressed, did the *ahem* facial, got dressed (took a bunch of photos), pottied again….and when I went to the counter, it was ten minutes till the hour….so much for my 50 minute facial! Though I can say I wasn’t sad it ended early…

I have RARELY posted company FAILS so the main reason I’m including you in my bad day is a friendly reminder to RESEARCH a place before you “buy”- even if it’s a good deal …and telling you made me feel better. Lesson learned: CHECK.

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6 Responses to A Facial…LUCKY ME!? Bleh….

  1. Deanna says:

    I’m laughing and crying. But mostly laughing. So sorry you had to endure that! Here’s to much better experiences couponing in the future! :)

    • Alisa.Garate says:

      I obviously didn’t learn my lesson….I just bought a trapeze Groupon without reading the fine print LOL Hope it goes well!!!

  2. Jenny says:

    I’m so sorry you had that experience. But yuck!

  3. Val says:

    Was it somewhere local I need to watch out for? Hubby bought me a big spa package last Feb for my bday I still haven’t used. I really need to go do that. Thankfully I know from others that this place is great or I’d be worried lol

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