To give the kids something to do at the end of summer, I wanted to host a “day-camp” at our house. We decided to call it Clothesline Camp as a nod to the good ole days when kids would play among the sheets in their mother’s clothesline on summer days :)

Our first day of “camp” we worked with Brick Builders: The Xperience (a new custom creation brick designer company, they have lots of plans coming up so check out their website). Brick Builders brought their collection of Legos which we put in small containers and let the kids free play with the theme being “cars”.  BB also brought pre-made cars for the kids to play with!

It was cool watching the kids come up with their own creations (they were able to purchase what they made if they wished). They really used their imaginations and it was nice having so many pieces to pick from. We especially liked having wheels (which always go missing) and people- our favorite.

Afterwards, they went into the living room and played on road floor mats. You can create these yourself by using black paper and foam pieces (or a metallic marker). 

We provided light snacks for the kids- bananas, pineapple, juice boxes, granola bars, etc with Hershey Kisses for the moms! My favorite (and the kids, too) were these clever Lego-shaped candies. I purchased these from Top Foods in their bulk candy section. They connect together like real Legos and taste like Smarties. 

If you want to do your own Lego play-date, just pull them all out and let the kids go to town! Most of us have an abundance of bricks that aren’t getting used so this is a great way to get them excited again about Legos and get them off the video games 😉


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