This summer we’ve been hosting Clothesline Camp for some kids from my 6yr old son’s class. I’ve shared the Lego’s Brick Builders, and our Nature Mobile the other day (oooh- chocolate rocks!) but we also made some AWESOME shirts (post coming soon), Mosaic Handprints & Pet Rocks. The kids just loved being able to create! If you’re not creative, or don’t want to deal with the mess, contact Lisa over at Art And Science Adventures With Grace who has 21+ years experience teaching elementary age students and she did a wonderful job running our camp. She can do one-on-one projects with your child or host a birthday party!

Mosaic Handprints

  • Beach glass/small shells/rocks
  • Sand
  • Paper plates
  • Plaster of Paris (1 1/2 cups per kid)

Take a plate and fill it with lightly packed sand. Have the child press their spread hand into the sand, making a firm print.

Place your glass pieces inside the handprint then pour the prepared plaster into the mold adding a dowel on the palm end if you want a free standing piece.


Let it sit until firm (if for some a finger breaks, you can place it back in some sand add use some extra plaster like a glue). Display on a shelf or in your garden! Make sure to bring it in during the colder months so it doesn’t crack.

Pet Rocks

  • Larger size rock
  • Googly eyes
  • Tacky Glue
  • Paint/brushes
  • Disposable plates

VERY easy but the kids LOVED this! Place your rock on your plate (add their name so you don’t get rocks confused). Help them glue on a set (or more!) of eyes then let them free paint. Place aside for it to dry. Don’t forget to name your rock 😉


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