When my older children were in elementary school, one of our teachers was Lisa Grace. We’ve had her as a regular teacher, Highly Capable Leader (after school program), an art teacher, andĀ I’ve been her Room Mom….plus helped with her wedding! So when she launched her Art and Science Adventures With Grace business, and said that she would come have an art “day camp” with some of my youngest son’s friends, I was very excited to be working with her!

To keep the kids occupied this summer, I came up with the idea of day camp called Clothesline Camp (see our first one here with Legos working with Brick Builders: The Xperience). The original idea was to do all summer but we were so busy that we’re cramming it in all in the month of August šŸ˜‰

Since this one was a “nature” theme, I went to Winco and bought some theme-appropriate snacks. We picked out sugar-free gummy butterflies, cutie oranges, trail mix, and I LOVE these chocolate “rocks”! I also provided juice boxes, water and -of course- popsicles!

We made a few projects including Nature Mobiles, Cast HandĀ Mosaic, Pet Rocks and these AWESOME t-shirts (so check our other posts coming soon!). For your mobile, you will need a few things:

Nature Mobile

  • Large piece of stick- the twisty-er the better! (of course, you could make a tiny mobile, too)
  • Piece of rope about 1-2′ long depending on the length of your stick
  • Twine cut into about 1′ long pieces
  • Items found in nature that you can attach a string to. We usedĀ porcupineĀ quills (from Lisa’s travels to AFRICA!), feathers, and rubber lizards (true….not really found in nature but the kids loved them!).
  • Super glue (optional). The kids used this to attach items on TOP of the stick

Knot the rope on each end of the stick so it makes an upside down “v” shape so you can hang it. Using 3 or 5 pieces, take your twine and Ā tie one end to your nature item and the other end to the stick- spacing a few inches apart to keep them from tangling.

This is a great project for kids because they can add whatever they want! You can put it in your yard on a favorite tree or hang it near an inside window so it can move in the breeze. Great way to bring the outside in :)


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