Last weekend we went to a Canada Day party (gotta love a potluck) where our host made super good Canada Brownies and my friend Alisa (haha NOT me- spelled the same but pronounced different) made these Simple Cookie Pops. They went super easy she said….plus who doesn’t like a dessert on a stick?? Thanks for sharing! By the way, with her leftover chocolate/peanut butter mixture, Alisa dipped some local cherries (see them in front of pops and photo on bottom). Since the chocolate mixed with the peanut butter, they were like Reese’s Cherries- I L.O.V.E.D. them!!!

Simple Cookie Pops

  • 1 package of Oreos (in this instance, she used PEANUT BUTTER Oreos…say what??? YUM)
  • 1 8oz package Philly Indulgence Chocolate Cream Cheese (you can use plain if that’s all that you have)
  • Melting chocolate
  • Peanut Butter- smooth
  • (see other variations in next-to-last paragraph)

Take 1 whole package of Oreos and chop them up into crumbs the food processor then hand mix together with 1 8oz package of cream cheese and about 1/2 cup peanut butter….ta da!! That’s it for the filling! Roll into balls whatever size you want (about 1″) and then cover in melted chocolate.

If you want to put them on a stick (which she highly recommeds because it keeps from moving around. Plus, she adds “I don’t know why but things just taste better when you add a stick”). Melt a small amount of chocolate and dip the end of the stick before inserting into the cookie ball. Once cooled you can then dip it in the chocolate. She thinned the chocolate for dipping by coating the chips in a small amount of vegtable oil before melting. Her cake pop stand she made is black with silver leopard print so it didn’t really go with the Canada Day theme party we were at so that’s why she put them in small baking cups.

Alisa added next she’s going to use Berry Oreos+Strawberry Cream Cheese+White Chocolate Coating…..yum! Her favorite, though, is Double Stuff Mint Oreos+Cream Cheese+White Chocolate Coating. OK….looks like I’ll have to jump on the Pops Bandwagon!

By the way, did you see the heart shape on the Reese’s Cherry?? Awww…. also, the cracker is something my mom Karen HOMEMADE- recipe for Thrasher’s Crackers coming soon!

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