We have had a wonderful time hosting Satko Week! Thank you a million times over to the Satko Family for hosting our giveaway (winners were announced on Facebook and Twitter) and we have enjoyed getting to know your family {{{BIG HUGS}}}

Though we have made so many things with Satko’s Real Food seasonings, here are what we ate this weekend. Easy little appetizers, a yummy shrimp and squash dish, and my Hubby’s new staple- Asian BBQ Chicken.

My FAVorite things to eat are appetizers! Apps are the perfect food- little bites of goodness and so small that you don’t remember how many you’ve eaten 😉

Shrimp Topper Appetizers

  • Your favorite small loaf bread or cracker (for a GREAT, easy homemade recipe, see our Thrasher’s Crackers made with Satko’s Lemon Pepper)
  • Pre-cooked shrimp
  • Satko’s Signature Rub
  • Cream Cheese
  • toasted almond bits (or sliced almonds)

Making sure your shrimp is slightly damp (will make seasoning stick to it), sprinkle Satko’s Signature Rub and lightly toss. If you’re using baguettes, you can toast them before assembling then add a layer of cream cheese. Put a single shrimp on each one then lightly sprinkle toasted almonds (if doing sliced almonds, add just a single almond). Serve immediately.

Since I had the shrimp already, I decided to add it to my extra squash from my Chiang Mai Veggies With Tortellini. This was simple and easy but tasted SO good. Nice and fresh!

Shrimp and Squash Toss

Heat your oil in the pan then add your sliced squash. When almost cooked through, add your shrimp (mainly just to warm it up) then sprinkle on Satko’s Lemon Pepper according to taste. Enjoy your lunch!

Well, we’ve concluded our Satko Week but I could go on and on- we just LOVE their spices! So real quick, I just wanted to tell you to try their Satko’s Asian BBQ spice. My hubby added it to his chicken and it’s now his favorite thing! He says it’s a little sweet and tastes tangy and when I asked the Satko family about the spice, Jonni said “It is the same flavoring as a chinese bbq pork dish without the red dye coloring”. Who needs red dye, right?

Satko’s Asian Chicken BBQ

Cook your rice according to package directions. On the BBQ, grill your chicken- cutting it into bite sized pieces -adding Satko’s Asian BBQ. Serve the chicken over your rice and garnish with sesame seeds. YUM!

Thank you to the Satko Family for a GREAT week of recipes and for sponsoring our giveaway!



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