Recently some girlfriends and I attended a Satko’s Real Food Sushi Class (see all pics here). This was REALLY FUN ! Chef John is knowledgeable and his daughter Jonni is very helpful- we learned a lot. We liked his class so much that my friend has already been to their grilling class and I’m signed up for a Satko Truly Thai Cooking Class coming up on August 6th (if you’re local to WA, check out the invite here).

If you haven’t heard, we hosted a GIVEAWAY with the Satko family (contest is now over) Three people will win one bottle of Signature Rub and one lucky person will get packets of all the seasonings. Learn more about the Satko Family HERE and see all that we made during Satko Week! Also, make sure to check out Satko’s Real Food Website for full descriptions of spices.

When we get to class, Chef John talks us through everything from cleanliness to the proper way to use a knife (I’ve been doing it all wrong- luckily I have all my fingers!). He lets the students get involved by helping with prep work and even breading chicken. He’s patient which is great since I was allll thumbs rolling the sushi.

Chef John interjected other little tips (like to make sure you wipe your knife with water to make a clean cut through the roll each time) and it was awesome making all of the foods hands on instead of just listening to the instructor. Plus, we got to EAT it all afterwards- woohoo!!! Thank you Chef for a great class….see you next time :)

Satko’s Sushi Rolls

Shopping List:

Tuna * Crab * Shrimp * Cucumber * Avocado * Rice Wine Vinegar * Wasabi (powder or pre-made) * Pickled ginger * Nori (seaweed) * Toasted sesame seeds * Sushi rice * Tempura mix * Scallions *Oil *Rice*Sushi Roller*Saran Wrap

RICE: Soak rice as long as possible before cooking (overnight if you can).  Cook rice in rice cooker with equal parts rice and water. Mix 8 oz. of rice wine vinegar, 3 oz. sugar & 1 oz. salt (8-3-1). After rice is finished mix with 8—1 mixture. Let cook/refrigerate before using to roll sushi.

TUNA: Sprinkle Satko’s Asian BBQ on Tuna and sear each side quickly on high in small amount of oil.

SHRIMP TEMPURA:  Mix tempura as directed on box. Dip shrimp in batter and fry in about ½ to 1 inch of oil. Slice all veggies and any other ingredients thinly so you do not overfill your roll. Wet Nori lightly right before use (if done too far in advanced the Nori will be too mushy). Place on bamboo roller. TIP: if you cover your roller with plastic wrap, it makes clean up a breeze! Add rice and flatten over Nori- leaving about a about a finger “L” shape space between the rice and end of Nori. TIP: use gloves that you have dipped into water before handling rice to keep rice to sticking to your fingers!

Add all other desired ingredients but keep in mind the thicker it is, the harder it will be to roll it! Then Roll it up tightly with a sushi roller, using all of your fingers.

After rolled, slice and serve! TIP: Wet knife each time you cut into the roll so the rice does not stick to your knife. Serve with wasabi and pickled ginger (my fav). Thank you for going with me to the class Carolyn and Shalon xxooxx I walked away from this class feeling confident that I could make any sushi… I just need to go out and get a rice cooker 😉

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