We’ve been eating VERY well in our household this week! If you don’t know, we hosted a giveaway courtesy of Satko’s Real Food. You could win a jar of their Signature Rub or a packet of all of their spices and can enter once per day (contest is now over). See all of their products on their website for descriptions and check out all what we made here: Satko Week.

For lunch yesterday for me and my son, I added Satko’s Chiang Mai All-Purpose Seasoning to grilled squash, mushrooms, and some leftover cheese tortellini (that was mixed with regular spaghetti sauce). The Chiang Mai is a Thailand inspired seasoning intended as a rub for beef,  chicken, pork or shrimp sautes and also makes a WONDERFUL curry sauce (see photo and recipe below!)  but it tastes wonderful on anything.

Chiang Mai Veggies With Tortellini

Add a little olive oil to a heated pan then add your squash. When it is almost tender, toss in the tortellini, sliced mushrooms and sprinkle in some Chiang Seasoning then cook until warmed through. Dish and top with Parmesan cheese! SO YUM.

My Hubby loves, loves, loves chicken, coconut and has been wanting to eat more curry (good for workout recovery) so when I told him what we were having a chicken and curry dish for dinner, he was a happy boy! He described the curry seasoning as “overall having a mild- curry flavor so not over powering. It really matches the texture of the sauce….nice and creamy but with a little bite”. I was VERY happy how easy this was to make! Definitely something we’ll be having often. This served 3 people.

(EASY!) Chicken With Curry Rice

On the stovetop, boil 2 cups water then cook your rice according to package directions. While that’s cooking, grill your chicken- cutting into large bite-sized pieces and lightly salt and pepper to taste. In a small saucepan, add one can of coconut to one packet (or 1.6 oz) of Chiang Mai -stirring often- until warm. When all three dishes are cooked, add a layer of rice, layer of curry sauce, then top with chicken. Enjoy!


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