Something new I’m starting- snapshots of what we’re up to. I am a HUGE believer in story-telling photography so not only will you learn a little bit more about me and The Housewives, plus my kids can someday look back and see what “life was like” 😉

Technically this was last Saturday but I am SO proud of my Hubby that I wanted to post! He had just finished his 2nd STP ride (Seattle-To-Portland) and I feel bad we forgot sunscreen for that sweet head of his. He completed the 202 mile ride in 10 hours 48 min (not counting stop time) burning 6,237 calories!!! Yes, we hit McD for ice cream afterwards 😉

My friend Lori hosted an Origami Owl/Scensty Party this week and I got the cutest necklace!!! The camera is obvious haha, the flower just because I thought it was pretty, I <3 NY from The Housewives recent NY trip, an Eiffel Tower because I WILL be there in less than 5 years (I will, I will!), and a bicycle to honor Hubby who started racing this year. If you would like to make yourself one, you can order from Kim at her website. Tell her I sent you!

I am a BzzAgent (I help raise money for The American Red Cross by giving opinions and hosting events) and for this campaign, I got to invite girlfriends over to sample Be. Winery‘s line of wines. They are wines geared towards your moods (and are ALL good! See our review of the event along with our “Bee” decorations here).  It was great having some girl time! And my friend Amy (in white) was a PEACH for supplying our chocolates! She’s Washington’s top-seller for Dove Chocolate Discoveries which is YUM.MY!

A friend of ours plays bass for Jonny Sonic. We’ve been meaning to see one of his shows in forever and finally got the chance on Saturday night at The Tractor Tavern in Ballard to see him play along with a couple other bands. They were really good! Jonny Sonic’s music is “Electro/Funk/Hip Hop”. The singer is a great lyricist and how can you NOT like a band that has a horn section (including one guy wearing a bow tie?). You can download their music from their website for a pay-what-you-want price.

Am SO, so, so happy! Due to bicycle racing that Hubby started, he decided to take a break from playing baseball with PSSBL which he’s been doing for eight years. This week he signed up to play the rest of the season! I have missed watching baseball and seeing all the guys and their families ….and -of course- miss the “Bunny Field”(one of the fields we play at must be an Easter pet dumping ground).

That’s it (or all that I can put in print heehee). See you next week…



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