Had some girlfriends over last night to try the line from Be. Winery! We had a BLAST- was so much fun getting together to chat, eat some Dove Chocolates, and have a glass of wine (or two….or four heehee). I was excited to try their wines which include a Pink Moscato, Pinot Grigio, Chardonnay and a Riesling (sorry, no red!) mainly because of their marketing which is so clever. They say that they are the first and only wines to cater to your moods and personality (see the quiz below that we did from BzzAgent) but I must have been multi-personality because I loved all of them! ….Oh, & that handsome man next to me is Hubby :)

Since their name is “Be. Winery”, I did a play on words and decorated with a Bee Theme (which if you REALLY want to rock it, see my Pinterest board Bees & Honey Party). I bought these two cool cookie-jar-like containers at Marshall’s then little bumblebees at Ben Franklin’s craft store and placed all over. I also got cute little pre-made cake decoration daisies from Wal-Mart and some Bit O Honey candy. Was fun looking for small details to go with the theme! Doing themes is my favorite thing to do! Next time you have girlfriends over whether if it’s for brunch or book club, try to pick one thing to center everything else around just to make it more interesting :)

For food, my AWESOME friend Amy from Dove Chocolates supplied the BEST chocolates! This is a home-based business from the same Dove you see in the store but they have exclusive great quality products (so check out her website!). 

I also served fresh strawberries (which we dipped into melted Dove chocolate), veggies with sharp cheese, crackers and tomato hummus, and chips and salsa. I also went to Winco and got yellow and black candy- pineapple flavored licorice, chocolate licorice, black jelly beans and lemon drops! I bought yellow plates and black napkins which I placed in a metal basket lined with tissue paper.

What about the wine you ask?? Don’t worry- it is EVERYwhere! I saw it at both Fred Meyer and Wal-Mart (was cheaper at Wal-Mart of course) but if you have a hard time, you can find a store locator at Be. Winery’s website.

Be. Wines descriptions:

  • Be. Flirty Pink Moscato- This mischievous Moscato, with rich berry and delicate floral notes, is made to be sipped with a wink and a smile.
  • Be. Bright Pinot Grigio- This effortlessly drinkable Pinot Grigio keeps things light, with sun-ripened citrus flavors and a crisp, fresh finish.
  • Be. Fresh Chardonnay- This cheeky Chardonnay energizes taste buds with crisp green apple flavors and zesty hints of citrus.
  • Be. Radiant Riesling- This dynamic Riesling blend brings an exuberant vibe with tantalizing fruit flavors and bright floral notes.
Overall, everybody’s favorite seemed to be the Pink Moscato and (if I had to pick) the least favorite was the Chardonnay but they were all good! Definitely something I’ll be buying again in the future (and my girlfriend’s, too, since they all got $3 off coupons!).

The Be. Wines Quiz

You have to start somewhere so you can take this cute, short quiz to narrow down which one to try first that best suits your personality!

If you were an animal, you’d likely be a:

  1. Dolphin
  2. Jungle Cat
  3. Golden Retriever
  4. Eagle

Your idea of the perfect evening is:

  1. An early evening hike, a stop by a farmers market and a home-cooked meal
  2. An early dinner with your latest crush…followed by a dessert with an even newer crush (you’re double booked!)
  3. Live music and a beachside sunset
  4. Dancing, dancing and more dancing at the hottest new club with about a hundred of your best pals

There’s a lull in the conversation at a party, you’re most likely to:

  1. Smile and enjoy the silence
  2. Lull? LOL! No such thing when you’re around!
  3. Compliment the person next o you on his or her hair, shirt or handbag (even if you don’t really mean it)
  4. Burst into song!

Rough day? Your failsafe solution is:

  1. Light some candles, pour a glass of wine and slip into a bubble bath.
  2. Call your favorite friends, hit the town and flip the day into a frenzy of fabulous
  3. Surprise someone with a random act of kindness. Helping others always makes you feel better.
  4. Go for a run…..at the mall! Engage in some heavy shop therapy.

You can never have too many:

  1. Surprises
  2. Kisses
  3. Friends
  4. Jewels

If you picked mainly 1 you’re….getting FRESH!

It’s your admirable ability to bring a new spin or dash of inspiration to any situation that sets you apart from the crowd. Your calm, cool and collected style is a perfect partner for Be. Fresh Chardonnay

If you picked mainly 2 you’re….feeling FLIRTY!

Those of you caught up in your wondrous whirlwind of flattering fun and playful charm would have to agree. Your dazzling eyes and mesmerizing manner are a delightful treat when served up with Be. Flirty Pink Moscato.

If you picked mainly 3 you….bring on the BRIGHT side!

Your cheerful charisma and optimistic outlook leave others with no choice but to simply bask in your warm glow. It’s this illuminating aura that makes you the ideal carefree compliment to Be. Bright Pinot Grigio.

If you picked mainly 4 you’ve revealed….you’re RADIANT!

Superstars aren’t made; they’re born! And you’re one of the select few that simply sparkle. This gleeful glimmer sets you at center stage for optimum excitement- much like the fervor ’round Be. Radiant Riesling.

I’m a BzzAgent and received a product sample, coupon, collateral or other special premium from BzzAgent to try this product.

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