I can NOT believe that my first born is 18 today!!! There’s so much I could say but words are not enough to express how much I love my “little” girl!

Since her birthday is close to Father’s Day and she now is moved out :'(  we celebrated these two special days together (because if it wasn’t for her, my Hubby wouldn’t now be a father of 3!). Hubby chose breakfast out and then my daughter picked The Pink Door in Seattle for dinner.




Located about a block from Pike Place Market, this Italian restaurant does not have an actual sign on their door (though there is a small sign on the back-side by Pike Place) or participates in advertising. Relying on word-of-mouth, they have successfully been around since 1981! Located in Post Alley (down from the famous Gum Wall), if you didn’t know to look for a pink colored door, you’d pass right by it! At first we felt a little funny just walking on in (trespassers get shot nowadays!) but when you do, it leads down directly to the dining area. 

Half of this small restaurant is reserved for people with reservations but the other half is for walk-ins and the bar area. When I called at 4pm, we could have gotten in at 9pm that evening but decided to do walk-in which the hostess tells me could be a 20 minute to an hour wait. Unfortunately, there is no real area to wait but you can sit in the bar (not possible for us since we had the kids…though my 14 yr old said we could haha) or wait near the other entrance. They do not have buzzers but will take your cell phone to text you and they discourage you leaving the building.

Though it’s been FREEZING (and it’s JUNE!), they did have their balcony area open but were not taking any new guests out there since it was getting late. When we asked, they said we could walk around and the wait staff brought us drinks ($4.75 for 16 oz Manny’s and $3.50 for tea) and menus to look over.

The view was great!!! We especially loved the people that had the mannequin on the balcony (top left photo- hard to see it). Though I wish the building next door wasn’t there, we could still see the ferries on the water and the new Pier 57 Ferris Wheel going up (which was really cool when they were testing the lights for it later that evening!).

Every so often, the lights flicker announcing the entertainment! Trapeze artists perform on bands or rings above the tables (best view is in the reservation area). So close in fact that at one point the artist’s foot hit a table (whoop!). If you come on other nights, there is a cabaret show so check the schedule but they do say “Due to the Diva-Dervish to running a cabaret, some events are subject to change”.

We decide to start with an appetizer and ordered Roasted Garlic And Ricotta-Gorgonzola Cheese Spread ($10). SO good (who doesn’t like roasted garlic?) but I do wish there was more bread since it was a little holey (lots of yeast) so wasn’t much of it. We had extra spread and since it was served on a lettuce leaf, we just ate that straight.

Hubby and my daughter’s boyfriend order the Lasagna Pink Door ($17) which we heard great reviews on. Hubby said “The first impression was that the portion was small compared to the others on the table and the price was a bit high but after the first bite I knew it was going to be worth the money.  The 3 sauces (marinara, pesto and besciamella) were not too salty as some are and the spinach pasta was cooked perfectly, usually the edges are burnt on lasagna but not so with this one.  I was surprised and sad as I got to the end of the entrée (I wanted more). The marinara was the most prevalent sauce in the dish the other 2 were complimentary but I could barely taste the pesto. It was by far the best lasagna I have had in a while  or at least as far back as I can remember.”

My son got the Northwest Fish which ($24) was one of the fish-of-the-day dishes. He of course LOVED the salmon which was cooked perfectly but he wasn’t a fan of the side dish which I’m not sure all that it was (we did recognize the mashed potatoes). Though different, I liked it so it’s more for an older palate. He did rate it an “8”!

My 6 yr old who NEVER eats {{sigh}} had his FIRST non-fast-food dinner here (usually he just doesn’t eat). They let him order plain noodles (for $5.50) and he ate it- SHOCKER! The service was very good- we didn’t want for anything. My favorite server though {{blushes}} was the “Water Boy” who had very nice arms (awww….Hubby took a pic for me LOLOLOL).
I ordered  the Risotto ($21) and I loved it! I have had bites from other people’s plates but never ordered it for myself. I was torn between this and another dish but when I asked the waitress for a recommendation, she said the one was just steamed items but the Risotto was “special” …and it was! Very creamy, it was filled with crab and topped with (almost too much) garnish.

The birthday girl ordered the Penn Cove Mussels and Clams ($18). It was her first time ordering clams this way so she was a not used to the occasional sandy bite but she said “The food was amazing- very good quality. Smaller portions but that was understandable being it was a nicer place. It was really unique and had good service. I will definitely come back!”

Since it was her BDay, we HAD to finish off with dessert! Her’s wasn’t free (kind of a bummer- doesn’t everybody do that?) and they ran $8.00 a piece. The Chocolate Cake was more of a truffle style cake. It was very delicious but similar to something we’ve tasted before.

The Strawberry Shortcake was surprisingly good but the cake wasn’t shortcake as normal but a hard style biscuit (which my mom Karen said that’s how it used to be made in the 50’s- your just made a biscuit mix and added sugar, the angel food cake or the pound cake didn’t come along until later. She also added that in her house, they used Ritz crackers a lot). Hubby also added that it was a bit on the sweet side but very good anyways and complimented nicely with the coffee we ordered ($2.50).  The strawberries WERE fresh…most places claim to be but these truly tasted as if they were just picked.

The Shards Of Love were these long flat rolled out cookie pieces stuck into a creamy fluffy sauce (sorry not a good description- there’s no dessert menu online!). The cookie pieces were sweet and reminded me a little of the cracker brie dish served at Purple Cafe And Wine Bar. The sauce was creamy and tasted good dipped with the cookies but also yummy on a spoon!


Afterwards, we walked a little…but Hubby had to work in the morning so we cut the night short. We ♥ Seattle and had a great night- can’t wait to come back to town and go to The Pink Door again!

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