Thanks to Crowdtap, I was able to score 4 tickets to see the pre-screening of Madagascar 3: Europe’s Most Wanted (visit the site- lots of fun stuff to play around with). Coming out June 8th nationwide, we were SO excited to see it before it hit regular theaters! We had to drive almost an hour to the Seattle showing but we made a day of it with hanging around downtown before going to Burien for Hubby’s cycling race then a concert afterwards.

If you’re not familiar with Madagascar, it’s about animals that escape from the zoo, end up in Madagascar, but realize the grass is always greener on the other side of the fence so they’re always dreaming about going back to the New York Zoo. This third installment is about their travels to NY while hiding with the circus. There are quite a few talented voices in this but I’m not going to tell you any so you can try to figure them out!

When we arrived, there was a line but since we’re with Crowdtap, we got to bypass it and go right in (yeah, we roll like that!). 

I -for some reason- totally forgot it was in 3D so the kids were even MORE excited! Normally we never get snacks but since our tickets were FREE, we opted for some refillable popcorn, a soda to share, and Skittles (oh my gosh, had to add that link since this is how my kids pronounce it). And yes, we got an additional refill before we left the theater.

As we walked in, all of the seats above the aisle were “reserved” for The Press (lah-te-da) so we sat closer to the front but got middle seats. The movie started a tad late and there were NO PREVIEWS (since it’s was a screening) which felt odd. It was HORRIBLE- all jumpy so they had to stop and fix the timing which was cool…never had that happen before. A sweet gal said there would be a short delay so we goofed off taking pics while we waited.

FINALLY it was time!!! My entirely family LOVED the movie!!! We had all only seen the first movie (plus the Halloween version) so were really surprised how good it was since sometimes movies get worse with sequels. My 14yr old son said “It was really funny…and trippy. It was funny, trippy and kinda sweet” (I think there was a winky face added in there somewhere). I could tell he enjoyed it! Hubby liked it, too. He told me that “It was action-packed throughout and laid out nicely. I didn’t like the villain at all…”. I on the other hand liked her. But who wouldn’t like a tough girl who wears lipstick and who looks great when her hair is wet 😉 I found myself laughing out loud quite a few times, too! This movie is filled with a ton of color and a few nifty 3D effects. Normally we don’t see “kid’s movies” in the theater but I think watching this on the big screen (AND 3D) was worth it- even if we would have had to pay. When it was over, we hung around for the.most.boring.credits.ever. so feel free to leave- nothing exciting at all. But when we left, they were giving away SWAG which is always fun! Thanks Crowdtap :)

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2 Responses to Movie Pre-Screening Preview- Madagascar 3: Europe’s Most Wanted

  1. I was wondering how ‘3’ was! We just rewatched ‘2’ again and it was just as hilarious as I remember. We’ll have to make a trek to the movies to see this one – thanks for the review!

    • Alisa.Garate says:

      I was feeling guilty I didn’t watch 2 and wasn’t expecting to enjoy it as much as I did (let’s be honest- it’s a kid’s movie and a part 3) but it was fun!

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