Last weekend I was able to take my kids and Hubby to see the pre-screening of Madagascar 3: Europe’s Most Wanted (see how it was HERE) thanks to Crowdtap. To follow it up, we had a beginning-of-summer-party with a couple kindergartners from my son’s class. We all had so much fun!!!

Since the movie is about Zoo Animals who hide in the circus while escaping Europe, we went with an animal/circus theme. I’ve been SUPER busy lately so when my friend Christy from Itsy Belle volunteered to help, I totally took her up on it! She was awesome! She brought over a cool back-drop, table decorations, and dishes for a candy bar. She also made the printables, too, so check out her website and Facebook page!

The table was filled with carnival-style candy with adorable tags: licorice, M&Ms, Circus Peanuts, and Frosted Animal Cookies. Later I added bowls of gummy bears and banana chips! She added suckers in a cute Ringmaster top hat and I loved the cake with the banner topper! The water bottles had these cute printables that Itsy Belle also had made and then she added a banner to the front. Luckily I had this funky retro table- it fit in perfectly!

Since we’ve been having terrible weather, we had the entire party inside but still brought in the BIG TOP! My idea was to make red stripes on either side of the canopy legs but didn’t realize until day-of that I was out of red tablecloths (I usually buy on the roll). Oh well….improvised with shorter stripes LOL. On the table we had bags of pre-popped corn in small white paper bags and peanuts in the shell for the little elephants 😉 We used this as the play area where the kids played the new rendition of Duck, Duck, Goose making it Zebra, Zebra, Lion and later did some hula-hoopin’

Photo by Jayme Fairchild

Next, the kids came into the dining room to figure out a maze, free-color, and make Madagascar Face Masks. Thanks to the parents for helping out! 

For some bizarre reason, the corndogs took forever to get warm (silly corndogs) but finally we were able to eat! We had the dogs, cheese puffs (cause I liked the color), and squeezable applesauce and strawberries for some fruit. I also served Circus Punch (Hi-C mixed with Sprite) and got bright daisies from the store.

Afterwards, the kids played Pin-The-Tail-On-The-Hippo and we put on tattoos I picked up from the party store. Who doesn’t love a tattoo? And YES, those are SOCKS tied on their face…I couldn’t find a scarf LOL

To help the kids wind down, we then put on the Netflix Madagascar holiday movies they have and I did some simple clown face paintings on the kids’ faces so we could take photos. We had fun- thank you to everybody who attended!

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