The Hungry Housewives have had a Relay For Life Team for the past five years. Besides being a wonderful event (through The American Cancer Society, they help raise money to help fight ALL cancers and is very affordable to participate in), this is one of two large events our town puts on as a community so we feel it’s important to participate. The theme this year was The Magic Of Relay (Disney) so we decorated our campsite as Minnie’s Kitchen complete with her laundry hanging on the line! We had a very full team and never got a pic taken (my bad) but here’s our core group the next morning….don’t we look lovely? The aprons are part of our “uniform”- I love them!

Laura, Dani, Carolyn, and Alisa

A couple years ago we made Portable Frito Chili for a Midnight Feed and they were a hit so we did it again this year. Super easy, portable ( = less mess to clean up) and yummy! Thank you to one of the original Housewives Jaime, and Carolyn &  Dani for staying up to help with the feed :)

Portable Frito Chili

  • Chili
  • Frito Brand Chips (in individual bags)
  • Shredded Cheese
  • Spoons (disposable if you want truly portable)

If you’re cooking for a large group, you can purchase everything at Costco (we purchased vending machine quantity chips from a Business Costco).  Due to our health permits we were unable to make home-made chili but that’s always an option, too. Heat the chili in either a grill, over a campfire or in crock-pot. Open one end of the bag of chips then directly on top of the chips scoop about a cup or so of chili (depends on your size of chips)- leaving a little room on the top for stirring. Add shredded cheese, insert spoon and serve! This photo is a little skimpy but that’s because I was so into eating it, I forgot to take a photo haha


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