We had a Relay For Life meeting at my home and Housewife Dani brought these to share since she’s now gone vegeterian! Soooo good….almost makes you want to become one, too….course there’s that small issue that Hubby doesn’t eat tomatoes….

Dani’s Hummus Stuffed Tomatoes

Put one can drained (reserve liquid) garbonzo beans in blender with 1/4 of the reserved liquid to start (you may need to add more depending on the texture).
Add the following to your taste:

  • Garlic powder
  • Onion powder
  • Italian seasoning

Cut roma tomatoes in half and hollow out. Spoon bean mixture into the tomatoe and top with chopped kalamata olives and drizzle with olive oil. Sooooo easy and healthy alternative to deviled eggs! Thank you Dani for sharing your recipe :)

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