We bought some bottles of cork at a (very) cool garage sale last summer so I whipped up this easy little craft I saw on Pinterest¬†from Cleverly Inspired. These are perfect party favors- I gave all of my guests one at my Wine Tasting Reveal Party last year! They’re also perfect to use if you’re out on the water- your car key has less chance of sinking to the bottom. We also were selling them for 75 cents at Junk Salvation in Puyallup (we’re going to be there AGAIN June 22, 2012!). One gal was super excited- she used to work for a wine company and was meeting her old co-workers that weekend so she bought a large set to use as gifts!

If you don’t have your own, ask friends or a local wine store. DON’T BUY NEW….that’s cheating! Buck up and drink a case of wine…though I recommend being sober when making these ūüėČ If you’re doing for a shower/wedding, use a fine-tip¬†permanent¬†marker or roller ball pen and put the date and your initials to commemorate your event!¬†I -literally- was just given over 800 (!!!!) corks so will have more projects soon!

Cork Key Chains

  • Pencil
  • Corks- don’t worry if all funky!
  • Key chain rings (cheapest at WalMart or check the jewelry section at your local craft store)
  • Eyelet screws with wide flanged threads (they’re super cheap- got them from Home Depot)
  • Hot glue (optional)

Using a pencil, lightly mark the center. Loop your key chain ring into your eyelet screw (if you don’t do this first, it’s harder to attach afterwards!). ¬†I then put a light line of hot glue down the threads of the screw and immediatly start twisting into the cork. The reason I said hot glue was optional is that I’m not sure if it helps it stay better but I’d rather it be as strong as possible.¬†Then let it dry for a minute and you’re good to go.

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