We’ve been here a few times and have NOT been disappointed! Earlier in the week we had a dinner with the kids at Claim Jumper Restaurant but for Hubby’s actual birthday, instead of having me cook him a nice dinner (won’t take it personally!), he opted to go to Frankie’s Pizza. They first opened in 1988 and now have six locations in Washington. On their website you can also order online- and there are coupons….which I didn’t know until now darn it.

Usually I would share a pizza with my hubby but I didn’t feel like compromising (I’m not being cranky…it’s just that he doesn’t like ANY of the goodies on there!). He decided to order the Feeding Frenzy Pizza for $15.75 which had Canadian bacon, pepperoni, Italian sausage, olives, onions, pineapple, green peppers but he left off the tomatoes and mushrooms. He said “It was SOOO good….obviously, since I hate the WHOLE thing.” Oh my gosh, he did, too! The sauce was tangy and made the pizza taste better (“because if it’s not tangy enough….it just isn’t pizza”). He added that there was the right amount of toppings and it was cooked perfectly with a nice crispy crust. 

Since I LOVE all the “goodies”, I ordered the Pesto Veggie Pizza that had a pesto sauce with mushrooms, spinach, black olives, tomatoes, and then I had them add crispy bacon -cause everything is better with bacon! I really, really liked this pizza! The pesto sauce gave it a different twist (did I mention they make their sauces from scratch?) and I loved the toppings which are hand-cut and fresh…not delivered prebagged or frozen. The only issue I had, is that they use this paper when they cooked it (sure there’s a special reason for that) and it was really oily on the bottom from the pesto. It was good for dipping the crust in through!

My sister (who had pizza the night before), opted for a salad. The serving was very large and it tasted good but we were curious about the chicken. Instead of tasting like a grilled chicken breast it had a little bit of a texture like a pressed patty like you would find inside a chicken nugget. If you’re picky about your chicken, opt for the pizza.

Next door to Frankie’s is this little martini lounge called Room 25 which I’ve been to with my girlfriends a few times. If you ever go there for drinks, they let you order from Frankie’s Pizza so make sure to ask for their food menu! Also, Room 25 is having their 5th anniversary this month so check out their site for specials.

By the way, the last time we were at Frankie’s Pizza was after doing a Warrior Dash– and the pizza was good then, too! Great…now I’m hungry 😉

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