Am I the only mom who waits until the last possible moment to work on Valentines??? And though I had picked things I liked on Pinterest, I actually came up with an original idea some weeks ago so you think this would be easy! Oh, procrastination….you’ll be the death of me 😉

My 6 yr old really likes the sour punch licorice strips so using a play on words, we came up with a “You Knock Me Out” idea to go with the Punch Twists.

Using an old photo I I found, I put a light font across the front, and printed four per page on card stock. After trimming out the glove, I cut an extra notch out by the thumb to make it look as if the glove was “holding” the piece of licorice. My son then signed his name on the back side. We laid out a piece of licorice, and I put a small strip of hot glue along the center then attached it to the back- hooking it under the thumb (I also added a small dot of glue to hold the thumb in place). Super easy!

Kindergarten is one of my FAVORITE ages and I love that I am able to go to the class parties. The kids are just adorable- so sweet and nice! After they opened up all of their cards, they played a game of Heads Up, 7-Up and it was great listening to them burst into giggles :) Plus, it was nice visiting with the other moms! 

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