Before Christmas we were able to buy a CarMD which is perfect for our three car family! A CarMD is a home car diagnostic unit with software that will read your vehicle’s computer  codes to tell you any problems your car is having. NOT ONLY will it tell you what is wrong, but it will tell you the estimated COST to get it fixed! If  you were to go to the dealer to have this done, it would be about $140 EACH TIME so you’re saving right away! Plus, since they are impartial, you are not getting the run around, which is great.

Here’s how it worked: my husband plugged it in under the steering wheel (there is a receptacle under our steering column but yours may be located elsewhere) and then turned the key to the “on” position within 10 seconds but without starting. It will beep twice (this is how you know it is connected), then it will beep another four times when it is done reading your car’s diagnostic information from the computer (this may take up to a minute). After it’s done, you will need to load the included software and connect the unit to your computer via the provided USB cord.

At this point (if you haven’t already) create an account with CarMD.  Your data collector unit will upload automatically and will give you any error codes that your car might have. We first tried this with my 2005 Honda Pilot, and when we uploaded the information, the site didn’t recognize the codes so they sent us a message stating that they would check with dealers and certified mechanics to read it and get back to us. A week later, it read exactly what was wrong and gave us an estimate for parts and labor. How cool is that?!

Get one for yourself and get a $30 discount at!


I’m a BzzAgent and received a product sample, coupon, collateral or other special premium from BzzAgent to try this product. 

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4 Responses to Review and $30 Coupon- CarMD

  1. Thanks for sharing, I also was a BzzAgent and gave it a test. It alerted me to a recall notice my car had with the oil system which could lead to a fire.

    My car was only a 2007 model so I was not expecting it to do much, but it actually was pretty helpful.

    I can imagine it would be even more helpful if used while looking at used cars to purchase.

    • Alisa.Garate says:

      Oh that’s great about finding that out about your car! Very fortunate! I agree about the used car idea but I think there is an issue with HOW many cars you can put on without putting more money into it. We own three and when we tested my sister’s car, we had to decide who’s we weren’t going to check.
      Isn’t being a BzzAgent awesome????? I’ve had the most fun being an Old Navy Fashionista!!!

      • Yes, I do feel I lucked out with that about my car. Purchased a Subaru Legacy because I thought/heard they were very reliable and would last a long time. So very fortunate indeed. Luckily it was a free recall. Just had to swing by the dealership.

        As far as the number of cars, I had forgotten all about that! I think I had a few more to add. I will have to play around with it and see if I can remove one and if I can add another in its place.

        I think I got jipped on the Old Navy deal! I must be out of the target market for that promotion. Last one I got was to take some silly tests that I do not seem to get any credit for after doing. Who knows, but still love getting them when they come!

        • Alisa.Garate says:

          Oh that’s too bad about Old Navy! The most interesting has been the Smurf Party. Would love to do more- seems like they’ve slowed down since the page revamp.

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