This is just GENIUS!!!!! It solves the issue of double dipping (crucial during flu season), and they look so cool on the table when serving! Perfect for any get together but also makes a nice after-school snack for kids.

I originally saw this on Pintrest but the link didn’t take me back to any site so (sorry) don’t know who to give credit to! In the one I saw, these used clear shot-class sized cups but our Target had colored ones which I thought were pretty. This photo does NOT do these justice!

Veggie Shots

  • Variety of fresh veggies cut about 1/4″ thickness and long enough to stick out of the cups (Hubby made ours a little short)
  • Shot-cup sized cups. Real glass would be awesome but since we don’t have that many, you can purchase them in the paper-goods section of most stores. You NEED them short so people don’t have tip stick their hand in during dipping
  • Dip like Ranch.

Put about a 1/2″ dollop of dressing in each cup then fill the cups with veggies. Arrange on a platter and serve immediately.

We served these at a Wine Reveal Tasting Party along with other yummy apps like Bacon Wrapped Pineapple Bites and Cowboy Sushi. I LOVE finger foods!

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