While on Pintrest, I came across this idea of sending a “hug” to somebody via the post office from blogger Roots And Wings Co. Filed into the back of my brain as a someday project, I had to mail a package this morning so decided to whip it out. It’s not as cute as it COULD have been but I was in a hurry….and I know my Dad wouldn’t notice the difference if it was fancy LOL.

First find some big paper (we just happened to have random butcher paper laying around) and trace their arms outstretched into a hug.

I had plans on the design but the 6yr old took over. He wrote his name, Papa, and some extra hands to make a “high-five” sign. He also chose some special candy from his Halloween bag and laid it all out….only to have the lab eat it (which is SO not like her!….I was cringing this morning looking for evidence of a sick dog).

In the original idea, she cut it out and folded it but we wanted to send ours rolled up. Hubby took two water bottles, cut off the tops, and then we taped them together to make a container. I put name-tag size stickers to cover the residue from the glue left after we pulled off the label.  If you wrapped this well enough, you could mail it as is but I had some other things to send so at least this keeps it from getting smashed.

My dad had a stroke this month…SO wish we could be home with him but this will have to do for now until we get to go down for Thanksgiving! We also included the above photo of Corbin writing his name- so sweet.

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