If you have read The Hungry Housewives Facebook posts, you’ll know my Hubby is a HUGE pickle lover. He puts pickle juice in EVERYthing! (It may even warrant his own recipe posts someday). So when I first saw these on Pintrest from The Good Housewife, I pinned it, tagged hubby, and he was in love! After a few adjustments, he made these for poker night but we also served them at our Reveal Wine Tasting and they were a hit! Thank you TGH :)

Cowboy Sushi

  • Jar of large pickles (we prefer Vlasic Kosher)
  • One block of cream cheese; softened
  • Seasoning of your choice (we used Lawry’s Seasoned Salt)
  • Thin lunch meat (the original recipe asks for 3 packages Buddig Beef but Hubby liked a ham/turkey variety as shown in photo below)

Remove a few pickles from the jar and wipe excess juice off with a paper towel (note: in upper photo, some of the pickles are cut in half that’s because our friend that was making them thought they were too big- it’s up to you!). Take three slices of the lunch meat and spread a thin mixture of seasoning and cream cheese over them- making sure to go to the edges. Slightly overlap to make a chain-o-meat. Hubby said my photo on right is how NOT to do it and my camera is still broke so cruddy pic but you get the idea!

Taking one pickle, place it on the end of the meat-chain and roll it up as tight as you can making a burrito. Cut off the useless end (bonus- you get to eat that!) then cut the rest into 1/2″ slices (then you get to eat the other useless butt end!). Place onto a platter and serve cold.

More recipes from that night to come- stay tuned! Also, see what else we served at the Wine Reveal Party – it was a fun night!



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