Years ago I made these for an open house and we had a bunch of leftovers since I had purchased WAY too many ingredients at Costco. We ate them for the next two meals- they were SO good…very addicting. So good, I was bummed when my throat started to close up and after a few more experiments, we concluded that I had a bad reaction to salami! I have never had a food allergy before (or at least I never noticed since I don’t normally eat 2lbs of salami in two days LOL). Because of this, I shied away from making these again until today.

We had a Halloween party to go to but -of course- after we made about half of our appetizers, we realized that we were SO far behind making my son’s Deafmau5 costume for a get together later in the evening that we were not making OUR party :(  Luckily my sister was going so she took the 5yr old while we stayed home for another FOUR hours working to finish it up (seriously???). That boy is lucky we love him!!!

Reaction Wraps

  • 1 large package salami (or in my case now- ham or any larger round flat meat)
  • Cream Cheese
  • Lawry’s Seasoning Salt
  • Your choice of 3 colored peppers (Costco’s sweet peppers are my favorite)
  • Carrots (we use baby carrots)
  • Pickles (optional)

Mix some cream cheese with Lawry’s Seasoning (to your preference). Lay out the meat individually and spread a little cream cheese on each one. In the center, put a julienned* carrot, and one of each of the peppers cut just a tad longer than the size of the meat. Roll tightly then secure with a toothpick (personally I like the fancy-schmancy ones I buy at Target).  Sorry my photos are rough- I still haven’t gotten my camera fixed!

*Julienne is a culinary knife cut in which the food item is cut into long thin strips, not unlike matchsticks


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