Recently we were at Hungry Housewife Dani’s home and her mom just whipped this up for us (and was kind enough to write it down as she went so we could share with YOU!). It was really good…nothing like comfort food :) Dani also served some very tasty side dishes (scroll down).

Mom’s Italian Sausage Dish

Saute 10 cloves (or to taste) of garlic in generous amount of extra virgin olive oil (do NOT BURN!).

Add 1-1 1/2 lbs Italian Sausage- brown until pink

Add 2 tsp black pepper

2 TBS dried basil

1 large can whole tomatoes (crushed in food processor- whole tomatoes give it more flavor)

Optional: 3 or 4 fresh tomatoes diced

Let entire dish simmer for at least 30 minutes then add 1/2- 1 cup grated parmessan cheese

12 or more fresh basil leaves (TORN- not chopped)

1/2 cup chopped kalamata olives with brine

Then add or subtract any ingredient to adjust to your taste- red pepper flakes are great if you like it spicy. This time, they served the mixture over pasta {sigh}

To go along with this, Dani served fresh bread with dipping oils, stuffed mushrooms (see a similar recipe she made here), salad, antipasti platter, and my FAVORITE food- Caprese! She made it unique by adding extra kalamata olives from the sausage dish.

To finish it off, they baked a to-die-for Spring Fling Cake (recipe to come soon!).  Sorry photos are a little rough- I dropped my “real” camera so have to resort to cell phone pics!

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