I kept seeing this recipe for homemade deep-fried mozzarella sticks….well, OK….I saw the photo on Pintrest (never read the directions) and decided I could make it healthier by baking it. Which I still say is a good idea BUT I didn’t realize we had no butter in the house(???) so they ended up with a not-cooked-dough flavor. I think my family was more upset that I got frustrated and wouldn’t make anything else (finally gave in & cooked some frozen french bread pizza).¬†I WILL MAKE THIS AGAIN….when i get around to buying more supplies since my won-tons expired ūüėČ Next time adding butter for baked ones and then frying some to taste test.

Home-made Mozzarella Sticks

Purchase won-ton wrappers or egg-roll wrappers (depending on what size you want),¬†mozzarella cheese sticks¬†and dipping sauce. Cut cheese so there is room on the sides for folding it like a burrito (the tighter the better so the cheese doesn’t leak out). As you’re folding, dampen with water you put on your finger to give it a good seal and then roll snuggly. If you’re frying, go ahead and do it so you KNOW it’ll be good ;p but if you want to be a little healthier, brush it lightly with butter (don’t skip this step LOL) and bake 350* until golden brown. YOU MUST KEEP AN EYE on it because if it over cooks, the cheese will leak out. Serve with choice of sauce.

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