Am having a little kabob fetish! If it’s on a stick, it must taste better, right? We’ve been having fun finding new things to put on them, and this is a perfect “dessert” for the kids to make while you’re cooking on the grill.

A bulk store is the best place to shop like Winco or Top Foods for better selection and lower prices. My 5yr old had a blast picking out toppers! Gummy candies are the easiest to pierce with Peach Rings being the favorite. I also liked the long flat sour strips (like a fruit roll up) because you could loop it back and forth like ribbon candy.  I see in my photo there were Jelly Bellys but those were just for snacking 😉

I recommend wrapping them individually in plastic bags that you can find in the baking supply section of the store or use clear goody bags where the party items are. Since I made these last minute and they were for one family, I just used a regular bag that I had on hand

These would make perfect party favors and if you used smaller kabob sticks, you could even put on cakes or cupcakes! These not-as-pretty ones in the photo to the left I made at my Hubby’s recent baseball team BBQ …I’m sure the guys appreciated them LOL.

Be careful, though, with the sharp pointy top if giving to children- I think that’s why I liked the butterfly ones best….it protected the tip better.




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2 Responses to Recipes- Gummy Kabobs…because everything is better on a stick.

  1. peabody says:

    Those are too cute!

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