I came to HG Bistro not to long ago for a friend’s birthday and their crab rolls were soooooo stinkin’ yummy that I just HAD to go there again! So for Valentine’s Day, Hubby and I headed over there for an early dinner during Happy Hour.

I have to say, I just ADORE their Happy Hour. Their food is great, prices are awesome and their “hour” is pretty extended so you can come when it’s more convenient for you.

Hubby is super picky and likes it simple so orders the Kobe Burger with French Fries ($6??? Are you kidding me? Can’t beat that!). He also orders a Happy Hour Tap Beer for just $3.50 (they didn’t have the wine I’m into right now so I just ordered a Diet Coke). They also bring you out water in these cute little bottles which I wish could fit into my purse so I could take home with me 😉

Since we don’t see any fish at my house (remember picky Hubby?), majority of times when I’m out eating I order fish of some kind so I get the Blackened Ahi Appetizer for $5. It is SO melt-in-you-mouth-good that Hubby relents and takes a bite. ….he actually LIKED it! Said it was one of the first fish he’s had that he liked which since it’s meant to be under-cooked, this is NOT what I would have guessed he’d like. Awwww….maybe he’s growing up!

This is what I came for!!! The Dungeness Crab Rolls ($6) I think have cream cheese *gasp* in them so they are so soft and good! ONLY issue I had is that this time, they were a tad overcooked so I had to scrap some of it off :( but it wasn’t bad enough to complain about. By the way, I liked the presentation of everything- so pretty..and these were taken with my cell phone!


Since we’re taking pics anyways, we shoot some of ourselves (we already look lame snapping away- waitress probably thinks we’re crazy!). And yes…we have been married long enough to accidentally “match” when we go out LOL! Thank you baby for a nice afternoon xxooxx



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2 Responses to Eatin’ Out ‘N’ About- HG Bistro for Happy Hour

  1. Laura says:

    You guys both look WONDERFUL! And don’t everyone take photos of their food before they eat? Congrats David on your adult taste buds coming in! I love fish but am not too sure when raw.

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