Trotter’s Restaurant

825 Harvey Road

Auburn, WA 98002

(253) 833-2323 Not online or on FB

I have not been here in forever! We used to live down the road so came here a couple times but it was years ago. My hubby had baseball practice in Kent at 8am on a Sunday so afterwards we went for a 6 mile bike/run (I bike, he runs), and decided to treat ourselves by having breakfast out. Since we had no kids, it made for a nice date!

Trotters has a very hometown feel.  The seats probably should be replaced and the bathroom could be remodeled but it is so kitchy, it just reminds you of being at Grandma’s! As we sit there ordering, we overhear the table next to us chatting with the waiter and they tell him they always ask for him if he’s not there and how wonderful he is.  These kind of comments are rare nowadays so it’s nice to be at a place that is like family. I also have to add that the background music was kind of old-time/classical and suddenly Hubby says, “It’s DISNEY music!” (he’s a Disney Freak).  It wasn’t the regular movie-music but the kind they play like on Main Street so this put him in an extra good mood LOL

Though we could have had lunch, my heart was set on breakfast and I’m so happy that we did- it was soooso good! Since we wanted it all, we ordered two separate things and split our dishes. Mine was sourdough toast (with the YUMmest jelly….why can’t I find that kind in the stores?), hash browns, and scrambled eggs with ham, cheese, and onions with a side of orange juice.

Dave ordered black coffee, biscuits and gravy, hash browns, and eggs over medium.  I was craving gravy so was grateful we were sharing! I know it was all very simple but everything was really good. Makes me regret we stopped coming here! As we leave, I see the big wall display of sundaes so you can bet that’s what we’re getting next time…

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