My daughter threatened that she could not eat ONE MORE TIME at McDs so she enforced driver’s privilege and went the extra miles away from the dentist to go to Panda Express.

That’s my son….thinking he’s a dinosaur!
I’ve never been here before so was unsure of what to get so I tried their Walnut Shrimp (I can’t find on the online menu).  It was yummy- though a little overly sweet so I settled on the Panda Bowl- Chow Mein with Mushroom Chicken and Jordan got the Panda Bowl- Chow Mein with Sweetfire Chicken Breast.  The bowls run just under $5.00 a piece with sodas just over $1.00.  We also ordered a side of pot-stickers (YUM) which were inexpensive at $1.25 for three.  You get free fortune cookies with your meal which is always nice :)

Sweetfire Chicken Breast with Chow Mein Panda Bowl w/a side of Chicken Potstickers

The Sweetfire Chicken was SOOOO good.  Jordan thought there were too many onions and not enough pineapple but the chicken itself was perfect- the breading was nice and crispy which kept the sweet chili sauce from making it soggy.  The Potstickers tasted like Potstickers…no surprise there.

Mushroom Chicken with Chow Mein in a Panda Bowl

My Mushroom Chicken with a mild garlic ginger sauce was good, too.  Lots of nice, fresh mushrooms and zucchini (my fav).  Would SO order this again if I’m not in the mood for something sweet!
Corbin….of course…..just ate his McD Happy Meal and chocolate milk that we bought him on the way over LOL.  It was a nice day for once so we got to enjoy eating out on their nice patio area.

OK- we’re happy!  Can’t wait to go there again 😀


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